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The Arctic Voice team are enormously grateful to the following companies and sponsors for their help and support with the expedition. The quality and manufacture of the expedition clothing and equipment is a vital component in the overall success of the trip. We have liaised carefully with all our suppliers and will continue to do so as the expedition progresses. We believe we have chosen well. We would like to thank our sponsors for becoming part of this project.

  Action Cameras are the leaders and specialists in helmet cameras and sporting cameras for extreme environments. Film your experiences to share with the world.
close to earth
  Down To Earth are major sponsors of the Arctic Voice expedition. As well as being the leading tree surgeons in the south east of England, Down to Earth are also approved contractors of the Arboricultural Association and can take care of your trees from start to finish; from tree planting through to surgery, felling and removal.
  The expedition will be using three folding Feathercraft K1 boats. These are large 'skin on frame' expedition kayaks which are considered the best choice for such a journey.
  Kobold watches are designed for use by polar explorers and other professionals who require accurate and reliable wristwatches rugged enough to be worn in the most punishing of conditions. Kobold watches have been well-received by this market, and Kobold watches are worn on more expeditions than any other wristwatch. The Arctic Voice team would like to thank Kobold for donating three watches to be worn on the expedition.
  Lendal wish the expedition all the best! Makers of world class high performance paddles for over 40 years Lendal are supplying the Arctic Voice team with Kayak paddles.
  Lomo are supplying the Arctic Voice Expedition with dry bags to keep all their equipment dry including a specially designed gun bag for protecting some of the specialist equipment necessary for this type of trip.
  Palm– Based in the UK Palm are specialists in making and designing “Gear for Paddlers”. Drawing on nearly 30 years’ of experience in providing brilliantly designed and innovative products, Palm are kindly providing all the kayak clothing for the Arctic Voice team.
  Páramo - outdoor clothing with a difference.
Unique directional fabrics combined with intelligent functional designs born in the mountains, to keep you drier and more comfortable than ever before.
  Throughout its 40 years, Vango has remained at the forefront of product innovation and design and has produced market leading tents, rucsacs and sleeping bags to meet the demands of campers, mountaineers, climbers and walkers. The Arctic Voice team are delighted that Vango is supplying tents for their expedition.
We would also like to thanks sponsors in the US who are supporting
our US team member, Alison Sigethy: