Digital Marketing

Seo, A Complex Process

A large number of sites on the internet makes the SEO process more and more complicated. The SEO process is composed of two main phases, namely, indexing on one side and optimization of SEO on the other. Indexing is the registration in search tools. Search Engine Optimization, as the name implies, is a methodology to improve the position of a site relative to other competing sites. This second step is the most important and the most painful.

During indexing, the site is registered by the creator in a web directory (ex: Yahoo) or a search engine (ex: Google). The location in question must already meet many conditions to obtain registration. (Content, object, support …)

SEO optimization is a permanent job that requires a variety of different actions from the site creator. Among these actions, we find the healthy development of the content, the maximization of Netlinking, the continuous search for new relevant keywords.


Getting to the first page of Google and staying there takes time. This requires a long and continuous work that takes place from the design of the site, until its rise to the first page. The competition between the sites is therefore permanent and not always fair, to obtain the best positioning. Two essential factors to reach the first page. The first: the rating that Google gives websites according to their indexing. This referencing is done by the search engine robots, which is based on different criteria to determine the relevance and originality of a site. The second: the reputation of the site once indexed to different OR (research tools). The scope of the site acquires this notoriety. To increase this visibility, the choice of e-marketing strategy plays an important role. Two modes of referencing exist, either referencing said natural or organic, or by a paid search. These two modes of referencing will allow the websites to improve their notation and thus their positioning in the indexing done by the Google robots.


You have probably heard or read that the demand for digital marketing professionals is on the rise and the gap between demand and supply of talent continues to grow.

Companies and brands are investing in digital marketing every day more, and everything points to this will continue to accelerate. In fact, financial investments in digital marketing will surpass those of traditional marketing (newspaper, TV, radio, etc.) next year.

More budget, better salaries, and rapid professional growth are some of the benefits that a digital marketing professional can find this year and in those who come.