Deep snow and rocks slows progress to Pond Inlet

Glenn on route for Pond Inlet

On route for Pond Inlet

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Hi! This is Glenn,. Our position is North 72 degrees, 35 minutes, 28 seconds and West 79 degrees, 39 minutes, 26 seconds. I should have pointed out earlier in the last blog there was a change of plan. One of Simon’s dogs has a bad mouth infection and one of the other ones was pregnant. So we rather than get them to make this long journey we decided to let them rest further. So what I did was join David Kanuk and Moses Tuniaq and their families and decided to joint them as they were travelling to Pond Inlet by snow mobile. The only problem we’ve had is extremely deep snow and lots of rock. I was told the journey would be a very long day or perhaps two straight forward days but we’re now in our fifth day and we’re still about 50 or 60 miles short of Pond Inlet. And we’ve run out of gas completely so David has called a friend and we’re hoping to meet him out here on the ice. We arrived late on the ice last night and it was very heavy thick snow and broken sea ice looked like ghostly shapes all around us.

The landscape near Pond Inlet itself is quite beautiful there’s lots of mountains and I’m looking forward to seeing it. I’ve spoken to Ros Parsons at the school in Pond Inlet and she’s looking forward to seeing us arrive. So hopefully — this is a message to Chiddingstone and Edenbridge — we should be able to get the link up and running when I get into town. We’re hoping to make it today all being well. I’ll give a big update when I get to Pond Inlet.

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