BBC interest in school link ups

Simon fishing in the ice

Simon fishing

Weather preventing travel.

Today is the 6th of March and it has warmed up dramatically; the temperature now is -20 a 15 degree rise from two days ago except that the wind is strong and from the north so the wind chill is still -35!

We have had some great news in the last few days, firstly the BBC World Class Project has featured our link schools in Orkney and Iglulik on their site, this is their first Arctic Link and we are really excited about it. Check out the website

Also today Simon and I were interviewed by the BBC for the Go4it programme which is on Sunday nights at 7.15 pm I think. More good news and I hope all of you at Glaitness get the chance to listen.. hello to you all from both of us up here in cold Arctic Bay.

A few days ago I heard that 600 narwhals had died due to being trapped in an area of open water surrounded by ice. This was in Pond Inlet where I hope to get to in the next few days if the weather gets better, at the moment we cannot travel as the visibility is low and it is snowing. The struggling narwhals were harvested and where possible the meat will be used. The tusks will be sold or kept for carving. Some of the bones will be made into a memorial in memory of the tragedy. More information on this if you are interested can be found on CBC.CA and type in Pond Inlet.

On our way here it was very difficult for the dogs to pull the sledge over the dry snow. Simon has now rebuilt his sledge and replaced the plastic runners with ones made out of earth mixed with water which then freezes. He seems to think that this will be better, I hope it is. we will just have to wait and see.

I’m signing off now as it is time for lunch… we are having boiled polar bear…I wonder if it is the one we saw.

Love to all back home

Sledge stuck

Sledge stuck in ice

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