Team reach Bernard Harbour on schedule (audio post)

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Hi! This is Glenn with the latest Arctic Voice report. Our present position is at Bernard Harbour. We’ve done very well over the last few days. We’ve probably done over 100 kilometres in a couple of days. We had some interesting times with the sea a few days ago. We left and there was a lot of limestone about. We came across these wave cut platforms and the surf lifted up and got quite big at times. But the Feathercraft boats were fantastic and got us through it all and we’re both safe and well at the moment and we’ve got a lovely campsite in Bernard Harbour.

We were hoping to meet some Inuit here. We were told there would be people here but there isn’t anyone around. We thought we would come across a summer camp but we haven’t yet. But all’s well. No more to report at the moment. Our battery is getting low on the ‘phone now so we’re cautious about how long we spend on it. But we’ve got plenty of food and we’re on schedule.

One Response to “Team reach Bernard Harbour on schedule (audio post)”

  1. Jim Quaife Says:

    Glenn and Stephen,
    I have been following your blog avidly, but with mixed feelings. Necessarily you describe your encounters in the past tense, but tempered with pride in you achievements, I have more than a little anxiety.
    Thinking of you.
    (Don’t waste your precious time replying, you can buy me a pint when you get back).
    Be safe.