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Successful school links mark end to trip

Wednesday, April 1st, 2009

Glenn at the end of the trip

Glenn and Simon successfully complete the journey

Simon and I made Iglulik late on Friday night after successfully crossing the Fury and Hecla Straight. We saw fresh polar bear tracks as we came near to town and when in town we heard that yet another bear had been into town. There was a dramatic change in the weather to mark the end of what was, for me at least, a cold trip; the temperature rose to about -20 and there was no wind, so very comfortable indeed!

Since arrival In Iglulik I have met with Vince and his staff at the Ataguttaaluk High School where I have been warmly welcomed and he is keen to make a link with St.Francis of Assisi School in Liverpool. (I am sure it has nothing to do with his interest in football!) It was good to meet Shontel at the elementary school and hear all about the link up with Glaitness in Orkney. Thankyou all for making this work and I am sure this will be the beginning of a great friendship.

I will be leaving for Iqaluit next week and am looking forward to meeting Carol and her team at the elementary school and Jimmy at the Nunavut Teachers Association.

I must also thank Simon and Eunice Qamanirq; Simon for his help and guidance throughout the long journey and both of them for putting me up at their house in Iglulik. Thankyou both.


Returning to Iglulik on dog sledge

Returning to Iglulik

Glenn on the ice at the end of trip

Return to Iglulik (audio report)

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